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Where words fail,
Where words fail,
music speaks
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this has been making me laugh for the last 5 minutes









Dynamo, an English magician, went around London over the weekend, “levitating” next to this bus. He hasn’t revealed how he accomplished this trick.

dude dont forget this guy walked on water

he casually strolled down the side of a building, LEVITATED IN FRONT OF CHRIST THE REDEEMER IN RIO and predicted football scores resulting in a large win on a bet WHICH HE THEN GAVE TO THE TEENAGE CANCER TRUST. Dynamo is amazing.

he’s finally getting notes!!!!

I love this man so much

fucking dynamo fucking sold his fucking soul to fucking Crowley

Fucking explain to me how else he could fucking melt glass with his bare fucking hands


This is that superhero nobody believes is real under the guise of being a magician, oh my god he’s a deity.

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Estuve viva cuando murio Michael Jackson, Gano el primer presidente negro en U.S.A, se realizo la boda real , la muerte de Osama , vivi dos finales del mundo y cuando un papa renuncio.

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Pink Ice Cream Bar